Alexa Von Tess in LezDom Adrianna Nicole The Adrianaconda (2-1) vs Alexa Von Tess The Badger (3-5)

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Category: Domination

From: ultimatesurrender

Date: April 14, 2008

Regular League MatchADRIANNA NAICOLEThe AdrianacondaHT 5A’7WT 142 lbsLifetime Record (2-1).Ranked 7thALEXA TESSThe Badgerht 5A’4WT 125 lbsLifetime Record (3-5).Ranked 8th7th7th and 8th respectively, just weeks before the bigSummerVengeance tournament begins. Each Wrestler wants a seat at the main event. Alexa Von Tess is now ranked 8th7th and 8th ranked women, respectively. The Adrianaconda was tall, strong, and aggressive. Von Tess is a spunky veteran. Adrianna was dominant from the beginning and pinched poor Alexa throughout the match. She smothered Alexa with her large titsforsubmission to finger her on the mat. Alexa has not been so helpless at the mat in a while.

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