Amara Romani

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Date: December 19, 2016

Amara Romani is a glory hole hunter. No joke. Whether one exists, she scours the net and will walk into any bookstore to see. Shell walk into a mens space"on injury" and walk poke her head into the stalls just to be sure shes not missing out on any"cruisy" action. After she became aware of a hole at a bookstore near her home, she rushed over to check it out. She wasnt too discreet. . .which made the clerk in the shop cautious. "Are you a fanatic?" He asked. Amara revealed prior to making her way into the booth with holes she wasnt law enforcement. It didnt take long before Amara was entertaining a"random", with her mouth, cunt, and super-tight asshole to milk a load to swallow. Rather than leavingshell wait for round 2!!

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