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Category: Strapon

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Date: June 15, 2015

Penny Barber has fantasies. Sureshe's into the kind of bondage and discipline we're famous for, but she also is into something just a tiny bit... darker. Stuff that we would rather show than inform. Suffice it to say when the time comes, Penny doesn't want Rain to quit using her, regardless of what she says how far she struggles.Penny has always been called a brat, too. She loves to talk back and choose liberties, whether pushing buttons gets her hit any harder just to see. Rain DeGrey isn't about games. She also isn't a new head to the Domme match, that t even know how to keep her cool. Control and she s going to humiliate Penny from start to finish, together with her how she wishes to, rather than Penny wants her to. When create a struggle or Penny decides to protest, that may only make it fun for Rain.

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