Bellatrix in Smoking Standing on your Ugly face

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Category: Anal


Date: January 15, 2020

Bellatrix places her slave on the forest floor, while she sits on a bench above him. She orders him to aEURoeOpen his mouthaEUR as she allows a small amount of her spit into the tree. He tells her that this place is ideal for doing evil things. He asks her why she does evil to him. She then says, aEURoe because youaEUR(tm),re a man. She jumps on his chest and bounces around. Because she cannot bear to see him, she decides to take his disgusting face off. He is full of weight and she steps on both his feet. She then returns to her stomach and chest, where she jumps, bounces and marches with him. She then returns to him, with both her feet fully on his chest and full weight. Then she pretends that she's skipping on him, and finally decides it would be fun to jump onto him from the bench. He spits at her again, and she takes a leap. It is a love affair and she decides to repeat it before stepping again on his head. He jumps up and she climbs back on to the bench. She says, "I've forgotten your legs" and walks up and down his legs and onto his crotch. She decides that she wants to just relax, so she makes him sit on her chaise lounge. He leans forward and she makes him rub her soles. It's a great way to spend summer days!

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