Deanna Winters in Electroshock Goddesse's Boot Bitch Complies

Tags: Electroshock

Category: Feet

From: clubdom

Date: May 23, 2014

Deanna Winters has full control of her booty. The slut is wearing her amazing thigh-high boots and has an electronic collar on his legs. As Ms. Winters is confident in her control, she commands the slut to love her boots from their tippy tops to the sharp heels. Deanna, solely for her pleasure, gives Deanna a shock to his poor balls and instructs him to worship the boots properly. Deanna finally allows her slut's male filth to be released on her boots. She knows that the little bitch will soon have to clean up his filth. Deanna enjoys shocking the slutA as he rushes for her to pick up all the filth he has left.

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