Emily Eve Dogfart Debut Emily Eve

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Date: November 10, 2011

Emily Eve came to me saying she had never done nude modeling before. I had to see what this girl had on beneath her slutty clothes. I knew those titties needed to be great. That bum? Im far ahead of you on that. The only catch was that she couldnt locate our personal interracial romp on the internet or it may destroy her loved ones. I did whatever that it would take to receive her naked and totally vulnerable and said. Since I snapped some pictures, my location was relaxing enough to allow her to show off that thick booty. In between pictures and movie she allowed me not to show this ivory and ebony fuck-a-thon off. Emily rubbed on my black mandingo cock at which it damn near poked through my trousers and got on her knees. A bomb thoughts was given by white girl and may scarcely get the tip of my dick. I like when my size overwhelms these white women. I stufed my large sausage, Once Emilys jaw was realigned. In the end, she got ready as I tried my hardest to keep my HD camera from dropping to the 23, by masturbating. Emily gained more and more comfortable with every passing minute and I was deep in that pussy. Emilys eyes locked with mine and that I shot my load. Emily said ejaculation is a affliction that was white and laughed at that. I kept hammering my pelvis into hers, and her eyes rolled to the back part of her mind. That white pussy had a death grip in my penis that is black which caused me to reduce my mind more. I had to get one more glimpse of the beautiful butt, so I hit on the pussy out of her eyes kept working in on the red light on my camera. Emily begged to me to take 12 inches of molten lava all. Emily Eve also pleaded to refrain from revealing this pornography online. Just look at the footage; can you blame me for not keeping it for myself?

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