Emily Marilyn in Torture Foot Girl Infernalrestraints.com

Tags: Torture   Rough Sex

Category: Bondage

From: infernalrestraints

Date: February 11, 2010

Emily has a passion for feet, but he can't control his desire to lust over just one area of her body. He can whip or tickle her feet, but his main goal is to make her squirm. To get the most pleasure from her body, he must use every inch of it. There are tits that need to be tightened, an ass to whip, holes to fill, and vibrations for the clit. It is not safe for him to let her concentrate too much on her feet. She may become stupid if she loves it too much. He wouldn't want her to think he only cares about what she likes. She wants to be used and humiliated, not more. PD won't play with her feet, however. His feet are too beautiful for him to ignore. The torment will continue, and it's likely that they will be subject to more. Whipping is similar to paint; the spikes and hot iron are similar to musical notes. He will transform her pain into something beautiful. She may not enjoy the process, but he cannot let her miss it. He can mold her into the perfect shape, and he will help her through all her suffering.

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