Georgia Jones in Massage Parlor Power Failure

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From: allgirlmassage

Date: December 30, 2019

Georgia Jones is being massaged by Candice Dare, a masseuse. Georgia says that this was the best massage she had ever received. Georgia has a very stressful job, and is always busy so it's rare that she can de-stress. Candice is able to relate. She casually mentioned that her aromatherapy candles had been helping her de-stress. They are always handy and she finds it helps to light them between appointments. The power goes out suddenly, and they are plunged into darkness. The shock is felt by both ladies. Candice suggests that the ladies leave the salon for safety purposes. Georgia isn't keen to miss the remainder of the massage, so she convinces Candice that they should continue the journey in darkness. Candice lightens some aromatherapy candles and then resumes her massage. The massage becomes more edgy with the lighting of candles and the intense sensations of semi-darkness. Soon, both women feel swept up and want to kiss. Candice runs her hand along GeorgiaA's stomach, and then rubs her pussy. These ladies won't be stopped by a power outage.

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