Hey Guy's, What's going

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Date: May 10, 2006

Hey Guy's, What's happening? While I was gone Can you miss me? Well to let you in on a little secret, I couldn't wait to cum back. You understand that I'm always a horny woman but I have been so than many, playing with my large tits and pretty pink pussy, even walking around the last few days. I can not seem to get enough and you understand how excited I get when I am being watched so that I sure hope you are ready for prick jerking fun and some teasing. I started shoving them, rubbing against my tit and caressing my body all over. I put down and gave my pussy a rub prior to pulling on my bra to the side and playing with my tits and I sat back and slid my hands and rubbed my pussy, it was starting to get moist and warm soft. I stood up and pulled my panties down and then went and leaned up against the walls, sticking my butt way out and arching my back and rubbing it all over. I moved back to the sofa and got down to my knees and started massaging my bum and tits, my nipples were so nice and stylish and teasing my pussy all wet was being made by them. I sat right down and started rubbing my pussy and then I spread it open nasty wide, hammering my swelling clit and rubbing my pussy down and up. I played with my pussy and rubbed my huge round tits while I was down to my knees on the ground then I spread my pussy because I rubbed teasing my clit from underneath and got to Doggy. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter with each stroke, so I am aware that it will not be long before my pussy explodes. I took off my shoes and tilted all the way back lifting and spreading my legs open wide and rubbed my pussy up and down until I knew it was time. I put my legs down and rubbed my pussy and tits and then I push my hips upward in the air as I rubbed my pussy as quickly as I could until I lost hands, giving myself a massive orgasm, the type a girl would be pleased with. Read more

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