Holly Heart in domination Mellanie The Cowgirl Monroe (1-3) vs Holly The Hit Man Heart (0-2)

Tags: Domination   Weights   Lesbian Anal   Strap On   Submission   Fingering   Lesbian

Category: Domination

From: ultimatesurrender

Date: March 25, 2010

Season Seven MatchMELLANIEThe CowgirlHT is 5A’9WT at 145 lbs.Season record (1-3), Lifetime record (1-3), Ranked 14thHOLLY HEARTThe hit manHT is 5A’6WT at 140 lbs.Season Record (0-2)Lifetime records (0-2) Ranked 11th. A great match-up, ranked 11th vs ranked 14. Holly is very strong and ranked eleventh. Holly has Tag Team experience, so she is trying to win her first victory over a lower ranked opponent. Now she faces an opponent of a higher rank. She can move up three ranks with a victory. The match-up is between rookies. Who has learnt more and who would like to win this victory? Great non-scripted action, as these two welterweights fight to find out who can fuck whom! The loser gets humiliated, and the fucked!

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