Jemma in HumanAshtray Your Sister Your Princess

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Date: November 28, 2016

She is making comments about the crazy time since Kandy, her stepm0m came into this picture. Kandy made her father a slave, and Jemma turned Jemma's ex boyfriend into her fart face. Then, she discovered that her brother billy is also a pervert, and she caught him sniffing her filthy panties in the hamper. Jemma now has him as her slave. As the camera scans his back, you'll see that she has her flip-flops all over his face. You will do all I ask, I will tell you everything, and I will even do your laundry. She tells him. He calls her Princesses, and she tells him that he will service her feet right now but she plans to use him in the future as her toilet slave. The flip-flops' soles are filthy and first billy must lick them. Billy takes the first sandal off and shows genuine enthusiasm, kissing each toe, and licking every sole. "Good boy. She tells him that he will no longer have girlfriends. "The only woman you'll be thinking of is Me." He is soon instructed to take out the flipflop. His hand is in his mouth, and he clearly enjoys being his sister's slave. After my boyfriend has fucked me, I'll probably ask you to give me a foot rub. She continues, saying, "But you won't be allowed to touch my pussy. Although, sometimes, I might let the cum flow into your mouth." He must understand that she has videos. She then puts her large toes into his mouth to amuse him. He replies with a wide mouth, which makes it sound like he is utterly clueless. After rubbing his forehead, she sticks her toes in his mouth and slaps him a little with her feet. He sucks and she says she will walk with him in the backyard where m0m fertilized it. The family dog runs all around, and Billy responds "Anything for Princess." After rubbing her feet on his forehead, she polishes them nicely. Then there's a knock at the door. Bella the neighbor next door walks in. Is this your ficking brother?" She asks. "Yes. She giggles.

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