Jewels Divine in Giantess He Loves Everything That Comes From My Body

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Category: Kinky Fetish


Date: September 4, 2018

Her slave, BBW goddess jewels in gorgeous BBW colors, lies beneath her on the toilet table. She says that aEURoeHe is a lover of everything from my body. As he waits for her treats, the slave takes in his views from below. AEURoeMost slaves are rewarded for their hard work. He is told to recall all she had put into his mouth, including toe nail clips, toe jam and used condoms. She then laughs as she tells him of the time that she cut her pubic hair, and forced him to eat it. HeaEUR(tm),stomach, urine, chocolate and piss all he ate. You can see her pussy by looking at her from behind. Her slave tells her about the men who would climb over broken glass in order to get into her position. She then asks him how grateful he feels to have been given the privilege of using her bathroom. She then asks you if it is possible to become her toilet. As the camera angles change, you are now in the slaveaEUR (tm)'s position. You look at her genitals as she snores. You are told that sheaEUR (tm), will use you for her full bathroom and then sheaEUR (tm) will leave you in the toilet. She knows that you won't be moving anywhere because you are tied to the toilet. AEURoeI am sure this is what your heart desires,aEUR she says to you and then adds: aEURoeRemember when I asked you to lick my wounds earlier? Now it's time for me, you know, to prepare dinner. It's now time to get ready for dinner.

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