Juicy in FlipFlops New Slave Wanted 2

Tags: Flipflops   Findom   Breathplay   Latina   Bdsm   Buttplug   Trampling   Girlgirl   Spitting   Boots   Facekicking   Mistressorgasm   Cropping Flogging Whipping   Facesitting   Jeans   Beatdown   Teaseanddenial   Dildos   Amazon   Stockings   Feeder   Lips   Cocksucking   Mouth

Category: Toys


Date: March 20, 2012

Just now, Mistress Juicy is composing an ad to find a slave. One of her slaves is serving as her chair. She then orders the other slave to return her ad to her, so that she can determine if it's ready for posting. Under her boots with high heels, she has another slave as a footrest. The slave begins to read the advertisement but Mistress Juicy quickly beats him with her crop. Her human chair is also beat by her. The third slave has to get some kicks too. She doesn't think any of them is good enough, so she advertises again for a slave. It could be you. Miss Juicy, a beautiful and vile Hawaiian beauty who loves to abuse and use men, is absolutely stunning. Her riding crop is her constant weapon of choice. They are thrown, kicked, and stomped on by her. She slaps, kicks, and slaps. In the hope of continuing serving her, she has her slaves take what she gives to them. You can see this video to decide if it is possible for you to be her slave. The slave will read the advertisement out loud to you so that you can see how your life would be if you respond. Don't get too excited about what you want! If you do decide to apply for this position, it is important that you act quickly. Mistress Juicy, who is hot, will soon have slaves.

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