Juicy in Punching Cleaning My Holes, your only purpose Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Cuckold

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: September 11, 2021

Miss Juicy only needs you to wash her dirty stains. This POV shows her kneeling down on her throne, waving her gorgeous sex in your face. She says, "All you have to do is lick my asshole and cum and make sure it's clean." As she rubs her plush globes into her cheeks, she adds: Then she talks about her boyfriend's love for filling her with cum. She also mentions how much it is a pleasure to have you around, knowing that you will enjoy every drop. She purrs, "Imagine my hot cum rolling down your crack and onto to your tongue." After she sticks her fingers into her pussy, then her mouth, she tells you that her cum is in both her and your pussies. Juicy, who is also a squirter, says that she enjoys squirting juices with her boyfriend's cum in your mouth. You can now see her sexy legs and thighs from up close. She tells you, "He shot a large load. IA'm going right to shoot that huge load into your mouth." You are reminded that cum does not come out of your ass, but you'll also love what cum does out of it. She adds, "Because you're my slave and dirty toilet," as she turns her back and points at your face. You can lie in the bed while she fucks you again, and then you will be free to let her all over you. You are told that she laughs at your boyfriend and will likely have him pee on her. She says that you will be "a lotch" for us both and we'll use each other as full-female toilets. She tells you, "You shouldn't feel worthless." Then, she lays down on her back and tells you that she would like you to touch her dirty underarms. She also takes pictures of you for you to send to your friends.

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