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Date: June 21, 2013

My Information for Tracy Sweet Breathe.

Control your breathing, so don't hold it all in. Let it flow through it and you will help with the pain. The whip is not possible to discount, but if you breathe through the pain it might keep the tears at bay. Mr. Hitachi requires even more discipline. You have to cum on queue, which means focusing on something apart from the vibrations coursing throughout your pussy. Concentrate on keeping your breathing steady to battle back the waves of joy threatening to take on your entire body, leaving you shaking and screaming in ecstasy.And use that practice as you are suspended in the atmosphere. When you are hanging in the middle of the area, pleasure and pain will come at you from every course. One second you might be penetrated and enjoying the sensation of being complete, the other your feet may face a brutal caning. But if you want to keep your sense about you Breathe.

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