Kathia Nobili Gloves Bizarre Relationship Surprises!

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From: Houseoftaboo.com

Date: April 06, 2013

Relationships are tricky things. And there always seems to be the man or woman who is, along with also the individual who is the chief. . .well, who is led. Or even if you want to have more graphic about it because we're wont to do here in House of Taboo, let's just call a spade a spade: the servant and the mistress. Which brings us to the roleplay . She understood she had been a little bossy After Alysa fulfilled Kathia, but she did not realize when she transferred with Kathia that consent to do then and all the housework and she would have to start calling her Mistress. . .when she did not do the housework right, find herself into Kathia's personal cellar dungeon, where she finds herself today, to be DISCIPLINED!Tied up nude and topic to lecturing, and then her bare feet stepped down by Kathia's spiky boot heel and her tongue and tits and twat squeezed by a enormous wooden tweezer thingie! The stuff Alysa didn't understand before moving in with a BOOK could fulfill! Or at least a Full HD hardcore BDSM XXX movie! Then it's time to get ass-smacking with this doohickey that was wooden and getting slapped with a black glove! Yet Alysa proceeds to love Kathia. . .perhaps even more! Really her affection begs for the stern blonde as her mouth is stuffed with this glove, her ass is smacked by Kathia's palm, and then she is forced to kneel on the ground and have her asshole poked and spat forth and ready to get a shockingly wide gape!! Alysa never knew her bum could open so wide. . .but gape gets, and then it does poked from the pointy boot that she must lick wash before licking at the asshole of Kathia. . .or MISTRESS Kathia's asshole, since she will need to remember to address her as from today

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