Late Night Advances

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Date: December 03, 2016

As he lays in bed together with Kandace Kayne brad Sterling is sexy and alert. He admires Kandaces thong covered ass and feels her big tits while waking her up. When the blonde hottie opens her eyes, Brad goes on into some full blown pussy rub anticipation of the huge event.Kandace includes a few tricks of her that shes pleased to flaunt. For a fuck, she pushes on her bigtit boobs Following having a sloppy blowjob. She keeps on going switching between her mouth and her buttocks till Brad is tough as a rock and eager for a sensual stiffie ride in Kandaces landing strip twat.Their fuck fest continues as Kandace gets on her hands and knees so that Brad can hit all of the appropriate spots deep in her greedy grab. As Brad goes to city delivering a lusty pussy pounding when Kandace rolls onto her back and holds her boobs, Brad cant wait another moment. She awakens with passion, which causes Brad to do the exact same throughout her mounds of enjoyment as Kandace wanted.

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