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Date: April 12, 2021

Lena Paul arrived for her massage appointment complaining about her back. Evelyn Claire is attracted to LenaA’s large breasts but quickly brings Lena into the private area to start the massage. Both Lena and Evelyn both get ready for massage and complain that Lena's large breasts cause her back and shoulder pain. Evelyn starts the massage. Lena later reveals to Evelyn that sheA is self-conscious about her breasts, and would like them to shrink. SheA is tired of being told to love her large breasts because sheAs seen them as attractive by others. Evelyn acknowledges her admiration for LenaAs breasts but says that Lena should pursue what she believes is best. Lena feels empowered and energized as a result. According to her, Evelyn is what she really wants right now. Lena rubs EvelynAs breasts with her hands, while EvelynA massages the sensual part of their relationship. With great joy, they try different positions and strok and taste each other. Lena isn't quite sure what to do with her breasts after the sex. However, she knows that Evelyn wants to be embraced and kissed more. It was a great choice.

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