Lily Banks in Blonde I'm Not Going To Fuck You

Tags: Blonde   Natural Tits   Massage   Facial

Category: Handjob

From: trickyspa

Date: May 20, 2014

Scene Guys. ItA's Ryan. This chick Lily, a young lady from Lily's hometown came to ItA to have a massage while she waited for her car to be fixed. She was such a beautiful little girl. Her confidence was evident. I felt that she was very comfortable in her own skin during the massage. Being the inventive guy that I am, I began to look around for ways I could help her afford the auto-bodywork she had done. One wouldn't give up a bit of their money to get some. She was certain that she wanted this free stuff so I suggested she pay me a bit to fix her car. Although I tried to get her to do the same, she said she was not going to be fucking me. This lowered my spirits, but she continued to tell me that I was not going to fuck her! I tried to shake her off and assure her that I wanted her to only touch the item... initially. It only took me a few minutes to get her into deepthroat mode. Poor thing squirmed as I said that I would cum on her face. She should have been able to see my reaction when I said that I had taped the entire thing. Ryan

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