Lydia in DildoFucking Wasn't It Hot?

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Category: Panty


Date: February 1, 2016

Miss Lydia orders her slave to rub her sweaty bottoms. Her boyfriend has not seen her in two days and she wants to look fresh for him. He knows he'll be punished for not doing a good job and is eager to follow his orders. This bitch does all the unpleasant tasks, from licking Lydia's pussy to getting fucked by her boyfriend to kissing her genitals. Lydia is aware that this slave loves her and teases her about how unlikely it is for him to get HIS cock in her ....... He admits that he was jealous of his goddess being beaten by another man. Lydia is imagining her romantic adventure with her BF tonight as she lies on her back, licking her pits. To make sure her feet are clean, Lydia has her slave wash her feet. She will soon have her stud!

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