Matthew Rush in New Year's Sleaze

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Date: December 30, 2010

All the holiday stress and rush are over. We have the solution to all of your problems. We've chosen to combat the rush by adding more Rush. Matthew Rush has arrived and Matthew is the perfect person to say goodbye to 2010. Matthew Rush was born in Pennsylvania. He has a degree from Exercise Physiology and a long career behind the camera. Matthew looks great and Sebastian Keys, who was a guest on our final shoot of the year, is gonna be back. Sebastian, now 20, is enjoying Miami's cool temperatures. We wondered about the future and what they were looking forward to. Sebastian, who turns 21 in spring this year, has Las Vegas plans. MattA is just happy to have a chance at a fresh start in the next year. These two shared their top moments from 2010. Matt loves working with MenOver30. Hmmm. This one is a smooth operator. Lol Sebastian enjoyed the opportunities that the travel industry offered him. Then, we asked them if porn stars really jerk off. Matthew, a gay erotical video personality, retorts with a raised eyebrow disapprovingly. Well! What were we thinking?! Sebastian is a jackass to everything and everyone during the day, while Matt has his one-a-day in. LetA's end on that note. Matt and Sebastian toast to the New Year by discussing how there is so much drama and craziness surrounding it, but not enough sex. They decide to do something and stay at home. As layer upon layer of clothes meets the floor, they begin to make out. As they rub their bodies together, theyAre both left in the comfort of their shorts. Matt is eager to have more. He pulls SebastianA's shorts on and starts going for it. It feels great, Sebastian says as Matthew gulps his cock. SebastianA's thick dick is worked a little before Sebastian asks for the favour. Sebastian kneels in front of MattA's large quads, and begins to worship his thick dick. Matt grunts as SebastianA's dick vanishes into his throat. Sebastian, I love you big cocks in my mouth. Now it's your turn to get back at that dick. Matt will then have easier access to the hot lips. SebastianA is then bitten in the face by SebastianA. They then get into a hot 69 on the couch getting even hotter as they prepare for more festivities.Sebastian moves over to the couch and gets into position while Matt suits up and gets that cock ready for some ass. Sebastian is still while Matt gets his ass. Sebastian begs Matt for more. Matt soon starts ripping at the ass. MattA is ready to help that hot ass. Matt pounding his hole makes Sebastian sigh in delight. Matt asks Sebastian to flip over on to the ground so that he has perfect access to his genitals. As he begins to drive the meat, he slides in his meat. As he begins to ride, he points the dick south. Matt does squats in SebastianAs stomach, which is full of food. Matt moves Sebastian to his side and then gets him onto his back. He raises his legs and fists the hot missionary. Sebastian begins to get throbbing and Matt starts to work hard at his ass. Sebastian is getting closer to the climax, while Matt pushes that dick so hard as he can. Sebastian pushes that dick as far as he can, and he goes beyond the edge. He shoots his entire load, splattering his chest and abdomen. Matt follows suit and pulls out his camera to shoot all over one cum-drenched Sebastian. WeAre going places and weA're doing them faster and more efficiently than ever before. wishes you a happy new year!

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