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Date: April 20, 2011

ItA's going be an exciting week, when Mario Costa, Hombre, Myth, and Cuban Legend walks through our doors. His uncut 9.5 pingon is a hit with our members. We would swear that our website was an attraction for large queens if we weren't so sure. This afternoon, Mike Rivers will make his debut with us. He couldn't have found a better partner. Mike, a 26-year-old New Jersey native is our scene partner. Mario, a 25-year-old Miami boy, will give our Jersey boy a taste the tropics. These two were asked how socially connected they feel. Mario uses Facebook to stay in touch with his friends, family and fans. Mike, on the other side is obsessed with social media. He's addicted to social media. Without them, he feels disabled. It was a question we asked if the two of them had ever had a fling so intense that it made them want to explode. They both believe that it was due to the large cock involved. Although we can't believe that a big cock with a tight asshole could have any role in this, it's something we are willing to accept. We will now show you what it might look like if Mike was at his tight little ass desk. Mike...Mario was listening to music on his smartphone when Mike came in and offered him something more. MarioA is engrossed in his music and Mike takes his hand along MarioA's leg. Mario smiles and they begin to kiss. HeA is totally in agreement with Mike's choice of venue. Mike takes off his shirt, and leans forward for a kiss. As they explore each other's beautiful bodies, they make out. Mike makes his way to the south, so he can meet that cock that he's been hearing about. As his huge cock emerges, he pulls MarioA's shorts down. MikeA opens his eyes wide, but then his mouth expands as he wraps his lips around MarioA’s huge uncut cock. Mike likes uncut cock, and Hispanic men are often left unchanged. Mike loves to eat that foreskin, and he rubs it all over his skin as a way of worshipping his meat. Mario is rock solid as he gets Mike to get on his feet and return the favor. Mario begins to nibble on MikeAs cock while he continues to stroke his own. Mario doesn't stay on the cock for too long, and Mike is eager to get more. Mike cannot get enough as he gently double-fists the dick in his mouth. They are just getting hornier to get sex. Mike jokes that Mike should bring the dick to this table, as he flexes on the chair and shows off his ferocious antics. MarioA's fat dick soon pushes its way in like a moth towards a flame. MikeA's fiery sex pushes on until MarioA has buried every bit of his cock inside. Mike begs Mario to continue pounding that hole. MikeA's sex takes all the space with ease, while he fists Mario with his hot sex. MarioA's slaps go off as MarioA gets his cock milked from MikeA's tight spot. Mario flips MarioA onto his back, and then he glides the fat cock back in. Then he gets down to business, pounding his hot white boy's ass hard. Mike's legs are in the air and he is exhilarated as his hot ass gets stretched out wide. Mike begins to laugh as Mario drags that dick into his hole. Mario starts to pick up his pace, feeling that familiar tingle in the balls. Our Jersey boy is covered in thick lache as he pulls it out. The body loves milk. Mike adds more milk to his already creamy mess.

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