Moaning Maggie

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Category: Penetration


Date: October 05, 2012

Maggie Mead is still begging for an authentic bondage experience. It is a petition we are all-too-familiar with. These women come to us having had a taste of domination, but they want something longer. They have to feel not just like they are used by someone else, but like they belong to them. Two posts that are wooden stand every one with a wrist. That is the selection of her liberty, although she endure , or can kneel between them. In that area she will learn just what it has to be controlled. She will need to beg to get more misery while her body is marked by PD using canes. Tits, ass and her toes are all open for attack. The fixture is worse. He participates her into is excruciating while it might not provide the ease of accessibility to PD for her softest and most sensitive parts the place. All of her weight is balanced on her toes. Her arms are lifted up supporting her. The iron around her legs keeps her elbows flexed into a catcher's position. Joint and every muscle in her body begins to ache through minutes and she has no way to relieve the pressure. He does eventually let her cum. At first she can barely enjoy it, realizing that soon afterwards pain and distress are currently all coming. But this foreboding is exactly what creates the experience so amazing. She's so aroused by the idea of becoming sexually humiliated and used in this way that when she eventually does feel the release it sweeps over her in crying waves and leaves her gasping for air.

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