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Date: June 06, 2019

Ren Smolder lays at my toes fighting along with her elbows on the old mattress on the ground . She looks up at me. I explain that she's a special order for a few of my oversea clients that are very best for a tall leggy brunette with big eyes as I start to tie her slim legs together. And she fits the profile perfectly. I tie the rope off and crawl up alongside her, I need to inspect the products. She cries and begs to her bound helpless body and her gag as I grope. But fun leave the wench to arrange for transport. I watch Ren struggling and go to the control area. Of course I made enough slack to provide my victim an opportunity to escape monitored of course. I need to allow the stupid girl know that escape isn't an option for her. This is my favourite area of the sport, letting the woman think she's a chance simply break her soul by yanking her spine. I watch as she moves her long down hands to her ankles, prying at the knots and loosening up the ropes. After a couple of minutes she is able struggle to her feet and to kick the ropes . As she tip-toes around to the door with her elbows helplessly pinioned behind her 20, I continue to see. She believing she's secure she scampers to the door that is next and peeks into the room. I like to watch each woman is currently in opening and unlocking door with their arms bound behind their rear. Ren is one of the ones that are better, I know if I'm not careful she may get out. I create my move as she runs to the external world for the doorway. She doesn´ she's too intent on attempting to figure out the deadbolt on the steel door. She yells to her gag in dread and frustration as I grab her from behind and drag her back into her jail. I toss her back and grab the rope. I frogtie one of her thighs to keep her from kicking after which I free her elbows to tie her wrists back together. I remove the cleave gag between her lips stuff a huge rag into her mouth. Some elastic bandage wrapped closely around her mind and is wrapped over her mouth. She proceeds to beg and cry into the brand new gag as I pull her hands over her face and tie them into a ring mounted under the mattress on the pallet. With her hands I tie the rope is then pulled by another rope round her slender waist down between her thighs. I bury the rope deep into her pussy, stuffing her lace panties deep in her cunt. I love the camel toe seem of a tight rope between her girl&extreme;s lips. Together with helpless and her secured let my client know I have his order prepared for dispatch and I want to return into the control room. However, before I go I can help to agony the helpless wench I massage her pussy with my stiletto heel's foot. Ren sobs and cries into her gag defeated. .

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