Nicolay in Sword & The City

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Date: January 17, 2007

Nicolay, with his dark hair and deep brown eyes, will be the star of your fantasy theatre for many years to come. His two-year stay in America from Russia has given him a sexy Russian accent that drips throughout his words. But it's his unfiltered sexuality that shines in every look, move and pose. A man who looks so good doesn't care if he speaks. But, after witnessing how friendly, down-right intelligent, and disarmingly approachable he is you won't know what head to follow. NicolayA's smooth skin and toned abs are obvious once he takes off his shirt. It is obvious that we will only get to know NicolayA once that 9.5A pole is gone. His soft meat has already caused his shorts to expand with it. Nicolay appears to be looking directly into your eyes as he starts to dig in his shorts. Nicolay seems to be having fun with the pole and invites others to share the joy. You don't want the camera to catch you too softly when you have this much hung. But he doesn't stay like that for very long. He is now thick and spongey, and only a few more tugs will make him half-hard. We can see how much meat has become fat by holding the shaft in mid-shaft. He stands taller than his waistband, and the pole is visible above him. Nicolay quickly prepares for the close-up. As he takes off his shorts, we are given a glimpse of two rock-hard glutes. He turns around to take a seat and the shaft is now fully at attention. It points directly towards the valley between plates of the abdominal muscles. This is where the feature attraction starts.Nicolay raises his head to get a closer look of the smooth, sleek-shaven ball. Although he's trimmed his bush to a neat length, the contour of the A'VA' (larger hair) that would reach his navel invites for an oral exploration. He strokes his abs so often that it seems like they dance along to the beat of his movements. He rolls over and bumps the mattress in a perfect view. The look he gives to the camera is so beautiful, you'll wish that you could be that cushion, and that he was grinding your face into it. He must have felt the need to see the final credits and rolled over to reveal a shaft that is larger than any of us have seen before. Nicolay's balls start to contract, so he takes one more look. He then grabs his last grasp, and an arc after another of jizz squirts high up in the air. This creates the most sexiest White Russian cocktail.

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