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Date: June 16, 2010

We have two brand new faces today, and you're going to be happy. First, the tall and darkly coloured Imported. Addison Andrews has 26 years old. This international man of intrigue, 6A'3A’ is an elite 9A'. You are welcome to probe that one! Andrew was born in Israel and grew up in London. He has since spent many years travelling the United States. This week's second celebrity is an American boy who was born in one of Florida's bordering states. Parker Brookes has 22 years old. Alabama is where he still lives. ParkerA has a wide range of musical interests. HeA's been a 14-year vocal and piano major. Addison's interests don't seem far-fetched. HeA's an electronic dance and house DJ, and also produces his own music. There are many pop remixes and other originals. These two boys were then asked where the most shocking place that they had ever gotten nut. Addison's evil side is more than happy to agree with him. He grins and tells us heA'd have to join the RabbiAs office. Parker was asked to go further and he said that he would fuck his boyfriend at the 50-yard line in the night, with the stadium lights on. Brookes, it's not bad. They start to kiss before Parker takes over and pushes Addison back in order for him to explore his smooth pecs. Addison follows along, before he goes in to explore his own. As their clothes fall off, they lick each other and enjoy the moment. These studs have a natural smoothness. Addison opens his drawers and discovers heA has gone commando. Even when he's asleep, his huge cock is impressive. Parker says, "ThatA's quite a cock," but he assures him that itAs still growing. Parker enjoys the challenge and gets to help that extra large cock grow in his mouth. AddisonA is quite the man-handler and his cock is very throbbing. Surprisingly that little python has found its man handler in the mop-topped Alabama stud, who is able to deep throat every word AddisonA has put forth. Damn, Son! Addison yelps and moans while ParkerA's shaft is being worked on his mouth. Addison gives ParkerA some of his back, as he puts ParkerA's cock into his mouth. He then sucks on ParkerAA's hard cock and his balls. The hot tongue moves south and explores the sweet ass itA'll soon be getting fucked. Parker grunts as Addison's tongue digs into that hot hole. Addison lifts Parker onto the couch, and then gets all four of them on the sofa so that he can spit out that tongue. As he spits out his tongue, he bounces the ass onto his face repeatedly. AddisonAsick is begging for more. Addison slips his cock into the ass, and instantly starts to fuck. Parker begs Addison to fuck himA as he nails his ass. Addison is a sexy fuckster as he holds Parker's head with a fistful shaggy hair. Their chemistry is evident. Addison is a big fan of Alabama. Addison continues to fuck Parker dog-style as they move down the stairs. Parker is fucked back as he grinds the dick in and continues to slide it in. BUT WAIT! There's more! Addison sits back while Parker leans on the dick like a reverse cowgirl. Parker bounces around on the dick as if heAs on a bouncyball. ItAAs sending Addison into hyperdrive. After a few minutes, they are off to a hotter missionary session. ParkerA is lying on his stomach, his legs out wide. ParkerAs ans are getting deeper and more intense than ever. He's being hit in all the right places. Addison then buries Parker even more deeply as Parker explodes. Addison pulls out his pistol and fires at ParkerA's face and chest. Whew. They might have to rehydrate.

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