Rich Kelly in Brunette Ravaged in Rage

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Category: Mature

From: menover30

Date: November 14, 2014

Benjamin sits down to watch his favorite team play, which he does almost every Sunday. But he is unaware that Rich has been in the bedroom performing erotic acts to get Benjamin's attention. Rich stands up in front of his TV, which irritates Benjamin so much that Rich shouts at Rich for getting out of his way. Rich is laying next to Rich on the sofa, trying to snuggle up to him. But he's too busy playing the video game to even pay attention. Rich, now pissed and going back to the bedroom to change his mind. He is determined to retaliate for being ignored. Rich comes back and pulls out the extension cord, instantly turning off the game. Benjamin shouts at Rich in anger and then Rich flips the TV over to the ground. He chases Benjamin. It looks as though Benjamin will kick RichA's a$$ but the screaming turns into an ugly match. The two focus their anger on each other and make passionate love, forgetting everything that has just happened. Rich hasnAt laid for weeks, and BenjaminAs face is buried in his stomach. Rich takes that uncut cock and gets it inside Benjamin's tight ass. Benjamin goes to town pumping his bubble butt hard and smacking it. RichA is a hottie and the passion ends in creamy loads on his hairy, manly chest.

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