Ridge Michaels Fall for a Cliff

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Date: May 06, 2011

Open the windows cuz its gonna get hot in here as we welcome back Ridge Michaels and Cliff Jensen. Ridge is 22 and from Orlando, FL and Cliff is also 22 and from South Florida. We wanted to have a little fun with these two and asked them to describe each other if they were cartoons. Cliff thinks Ridge looks like a Go-go gadget character. Well Ridge thinks Cliff looks like a character out of an Archie comic strip. We then asked them to describe the perfect cock. Ridge likes the cock to be 7-9 long, thick but not too thick. Basically what hes working with today. Cliff does have a rather nice cock. For Cliff even though hes str8, he likes cut cocks because they look cleaner. He also likes girls with clean snatches without the drapes. We wont get into too much detail on that topic. Cliff has a wild side and depending on who hes with it either comes out to play or keeps it on the DL. Ridge is looking forward to the fun today. Theyve worked together before so hes already familiar with Cliffs tool set and loves how he uses it.Cliff and Ridge are on the couch as Ridge starts to comment on his body looking so much better. Ridge attributes it to working out and a good diet as Ridge lifts Cliffs shirt up to get a better look. Cliff is a-la-natural and we get to see his sexy furry chest. Ridge starts to lick his nipples as Cliff moans. They stand and continue kissing as they lose their jeans and play with the tents each is sporting in their briefs. They kiss and explore some more before setting their cocks free. Ridge drops to his knees as he gets a mouthful of cock. He licks and savors every inch as he shoves Cliffs cock all the way down his throat. Cliff groans in ecstasy as Ridge sucks that cock and plays with his smooth nuts. Ridge then gets on his back so that Cliff can fuck his face and tease him by running his cock all over Ridges face. Cliff straddles Ridges head as he points his cock south as it gets nursed on. He leans forward; burying his dick in Ridges throat as he starts to play with Ridges leaking cock. We werent kidding when we said Ridge was excited about today, hes apparently dripping with anticipation!Ridge is ready as he straddles Cliffs cock. He holds it by the base, pushing Cliffs hand away. Hes got this as he sits on that thick cock. His hungry ass gives way as Cliffs cock slides home. Ridge starts to grind his hot ass back onto that dick driving Cliff wild. Cliff just lays back and watches as Ridge works his magic. Cliff doesnt want to seem selfish so he starts to slam that dick up into that tight ass as his smooth balls bounce against Ridges ass. Then Cliff gets Ridge off his cock and lies behind him so he can slide that cock back inside from behind. Ridge is so hungry for more dick that he bucks that ass back onto that dick as Cliff pounds away at his hole. Cliff then slides onto the floor and slides his thick cock back into that ass missionary. He grabs Ridge by the waist and impales him on his aching cock over and over. Ridge cant help but stroke his aching meat as Cliff stretches that tight ass wide. Cliff hits Ridges sweet spot and it sends him over the edge as he coats his chest and abs. Cliff isnt far behind as he pulls out and blows his own wad all over Ridge.

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