Ruby in Food You Like That Don't You

Tags: Food   Chastity   Analabuse   Armpits   Eating Ebony   Ruinedorgasm   Handovermouth   Bi Facebusting   Pantyhose   Headsitting   Beatdown   Bastinado   Transgender   Uniforms   Leather   Mouthgag   Findom   Squirting   Jeans   Boots   Facesitting   Cumshot   Sissy Skinny   Hirs

Category: BDSM


Date: October 6, 2016

Domina Ruby enters the room, where the slave lies by the fire. The slave will be raving about the expensive boots, which she is wearing. As he looks at her, the slave moans and squirms. She comments that he seems very excited to meet him. It's likely to be something similar to a Christmas morning. But with a much more difficult outcome. Ruby is stunning in her seductive outfit. She hovers over the slave and slowly walks around him, allowing the anticipation to grow. He squirms as she quickly jumps up and rams her heels in his stomach. She laughs when the slave tells her that the heels are too sharp and says it is an honor for him to bear the pain. She then places her boot on the slave's face and leans forward, so that it covers a large portion of his weight. You can almost feel a combination of teeth and a lot of pressure. He is told to calm down, as she prefers the more docile style. He longs to have her entire weight and pulls at her boot, attempting to lift it up in the air. She enjoys this extra joy and doesn't reprimand him, but she knows he is selfish. "That's fine. She says more, squeezing his forehead. She now has a task for her slave. As she is standing on her feet, she wants the slave to take off her boots and put on a new pair. It is a difficult task, as the slave must remove each boot from her foot and reach for the shoes to place on her feet. He succeeds in the task and she laughs as she tells him that he may be able to sell shoes.

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