Samantha in HumanAshtray Face Crusher's New Challenger

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Category: Feet


Date: July 8, 2013

Goddess Samantha (also known as Face Crusher) is constantly receiving fan mail. Often, it comes from arrogant losers, who believe they are capable of surviving a face-sitting class. Sometimes, Goddess Samantha will meet up with a challenger to see if he can survive face-sitting. He is an avid swimmer and believes his unique ability to keep his breath in water under pressure gives him an advantage over other challengers. We quickly discover that he cheats when the Goddess slaps his face with her beautiful sex. The Face Crusher is trying to get a good look and sneeze in some air. This behavior is not acceptable by the Face Crusher. He is forced to position his head so that his nose is between his cheeks. Is this an arrogant bastard going to survive or just another statistic?

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