Seth Gamble in Vaginal Penetration Job Hunt

Tags: Vaginal Penetration   Humiliation   Hitachi   Straight   Bdsm   Discipline   Role Play   Nipple Clamps

Category: Blonde

From: sexandsubmission

Date: March 1, 2019

Chloe Cherry is a nosy parker and cannot contain her excitement when she goes to interview for a job. Seth sees her wandering around his office and realizes that she is too knowledgeable. Seth grabs a piece of fresh rope and drags the blond beauty to his den to see if she can be trusted. Chloe lies flat on her stomach, bound by a tight rope. The Hitachi buzzes between her legs. He trusted someone who rummaged through his belongings when he was not looking. She saw things that nobody intended to see. So he must punish her with corporal punishment. The flogger comes to beat this lazy slut. She begs him for forgiveness after each hit and attempts to convince him that she did not see anything. But it isn't enough. Seth pinches her natural tits and blindfolds them, then crams the flogger in her throat for an intense throat-fucking session. SethAs hard-working cock presses down deep into ChloeAC/a!a,C/s throat, making her gag, gargle, and sweat all over her face. It will take a long time to learn to trust Chloe so Seth places her on her knees and holds her as high as possible. He then teasingly tussles her tender legs and butt with the Wartenburg Wheel. Although she is hot and bothered, Seth asks her politely if he can have her pussy or ass. However, the asking becomes begging when Seth starts to touch her delicate skin. Seth finally fills his pussy with his cock, and she fucks him until she's moaning and thanking him. He then slips it in her tight stomach and gives her an intense pounding. Chloe is filled with joy as she swats her pussy and anorexically slaps it into her sexy sex. Seth finally gets Chloe gagged with her ankles tied at her wrists and swats them with the crop. This is to prepare her for the big fuck finale, in which Chloe has her throat slammed and then she goes off with orgasms till Seth takes his hot load. Chloe meet your new boss!

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