Sexy Syren De Mer saran..

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Date: October 29, 2014

Now HERE is something which you do not find. We have experienced Syren De Mer elegance the Sexuallybroken period before, but not in this way. We decided today was the best way to put it and had some wrap. Syren is saran wrapped from head to toe while kneeling. A thick metallic collar drilled right into a pole keeps her on her knees, reducing Syren to a mummified mouth pussy on heels.Once this banging hot MILF is correctly cocooned and turned out into a suitable face pussy, it is on. One after another the cocks walk up and also make use of this throat. Syren drools since the dick pounds out her tonsils and gags. Her makeup smears into survival mode beneath the saran wrap as our celebrity shifts. This is all about sneaking gulps of air if she can and expecting to meet us enough for us to walk away.The relentless face fucking and strict bondage serve to blast Syren into sensual subspace. She's transformed into a drooling undone jumble of slut. Every home should come with a useful humping post such as this. They are wonderful for relieving stress and really dress the area up. As Syren gurgles appreciatively across the dick we conduct a train on her throat. 10 inches of BBC buries itself balls deep in her mouth.When we've had our fill we simply walk away, leaving Syren smudgy and twitching in her saran wrap cocoon, her cosmetics panda eyed under the layers. Drool has been puddled around her heels and the metal collar keeps her in place. We'll be back for another round later if we feel the impulse...

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