The Training of Charlotte..

Tags: Pain   Bondage   Oral Sex   Anal   Corporal Punishment   Master   Straight   Princess Donna Dolore   2008

Category: Domination


Date: October 03, 2008

Evaluation StrategiesStrategy 1: Put her into a predicament of pain and pleasure: the cowgirl fuck. This position is among the most difficult due to the amount of stress on the legs. Especially if the arms are taken away. It will be interesting to see how Miss Vale holds up bobbing on a hard cock while being drilled on her assignments.Strategy 2: Turn loose Princess Donna on her ass and note how long she lasts. Note the points where subject's protocols breaks down, missteps in performance, as well as any exemplary behaviors.Strategy 3: Has she been trained enough to take her first cock in the ass or not? Recommend the subject's ass is stretched with a large clear plug prior to fucking her as hard as her skills allow it. The gorgeous and sadistic Princess Donna is an excellent training aide while riding her face and teasing her cunt. If subject succeeds, she should be orgasmed senseless before graduating. Congratulations on all your success and training endeavors Miss Vale.

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