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Date: March 12, 2009

MenOver30 knows that three is more than two. This week, we invited two of our most recent hit ladies back to the studio. Their chemistry was more than just a few monitors back a while back. We are pleased to announce that John Stone and Jessie Balboa have returned to the studio. Tony Michaels is a spicy addition to the mix. WeAve discovered that everythingAs good with a little bit of Tony 23 years old, and youAll be amazed at how much itA's worth. John Stone, 22, is still relatively new to the adult and gay scenes. His sexual experience is limited and he was last year in a relationship with a woman. HeA has been single for a mere month. The sexy, latin woman with the stunning smile came out only a month ago. There are no complaints. HeA is definitely making up the time lost. HeA's now free to travel and wants to meet a woman and a man. Tony has a sense of adventure and is open to sharing his man with another woman. He also admits it can get hot. Jessie is a worldly 39-year old who says that he's yet to have the most memorable sex experience of his life, but each one gets better. Spoken like a true politicianor playah! Let the fun begin... John lies on the couch and is made to feel loved by Tony and Jessie. As he kisses his suitors, he begins to undress them all. Their tongues merge into an open mouth French conversation as they sit down in jeans. Oooh-La-La. TonyA is the one who strips off his layers, and Jessie enjoys the view as he assumes the same position. TonyA's hefty ass is spread wide while he admires his puckered thigh. JessieA is merely mortal, and can't resist TonyA’s charm as he dives into his tongue first. Tony sighs with JohnA's disgusting dick in his throat. Jessie has the two studs placed on top of each other to allow his tongue to explore every bit of food. They look so happy to explore the world that there is endless possibilities. Jessie is seen having an affair with Tony as Tony takes in his meat. Then, the tables turn quickly as John begins sucking Jessie's meat and TonyA's giving Jessie her thick meat. There is always enough meat for everyone, no matter which position they maneuver in. Tony enjoys sucking JessieAAs fat dick while John has a good time with him. It is John whoA's quickly swallowing JessieAAs meat. Tony makes out first with Jessie, then sits on the couch and slips in more than his tongue while Jessie begins sucking her cock. Jessie quickly has other thoughts as heAs starting to get head from John and begins to point at TonyA's sex. In a matter of minutes, his meatA's going to need more than just a mouth. Next, we see Jessie digging deep into Mr. Michaels with his thick dickball. JohnA is doing some digging as he takes his thick cock in, while JessieA eats JessieAs arsenic. Jessie is wearing one of his studs on his meat, and the other is either kissing or rimming him. Is there anything more a man could want? John then takes Tony to his side and feeds him, while Tony fills both of their holes. Next is JohnA's initative. Tony takes the meat and Jessie follows him inside. Jessie then kneels beside Tony and gets his doggie. Jessie plays for keep and it's possible he's trying to make up the fact that he didn't get any of their last sessions. John grunts, groans and attempts to get through the beating Jessie gives him. Tony kisses John as he keeps him still for Jessie, who is forcing his sex while she fucks Tony deeper. It looks exactly like Cell Block Bingo. I think of you. Hmmm. Poor John's grunts get louder the harder he poundes. After Jessie is satisfied, they both get on their knees to jump and jack themselves. TonyA is the first one to explode as he spits on JohnA's cock and abs while they have a sexy time. JohnA is next, as he fires his nut on TonyA's chest. Jessie waits for him as he has two mouths wandering around his chest. Take a moment.

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