Trey Turner in Menage a Trey

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Date: August 25, 2011

We have this week a couple thatA has been waiting for months. Since Trey Turner (our MenOver30 injection) told us that he wanted to see Matthew Rush in a scene, weA've been wanting to bring these two together. Trey, a 23-year old from New Jersey is hot. Matthew, who is now in his 30s, is originally from Pennsylvania. On a scale from 1-10, we asked them how political savvy they were. Matthew states that he's a 5, after which it becomes too difficult. Trey shares that sentiment and also says heAs a 5. Then, we asked them what their favourite TV show and network was. Trey is an avid fan of True Blood and HBO. Matthew loves FOX, and is addicted to HellA's Kitchen. We asked them what their favourite thing was to sexually do and what they consider themselves the best at. Trey is a lover of all things sexual and considers himself to be a pretty good one. Matthew also agrees. Matthew loves to rim. Matthew can name rim as his favourite thing to do in bed, among many others. LetA's not leave the youngAn in the dark and letA's give him the Rush heAs been waiting for-one helluva Rush. Trey lies on his bed, looking at Matthew's picture in a folder. Matthew then comes to the table and takes out the folder and puts it back. Trey begins to seduce Matthew as they start to kiss. Matthew smiles as he licks his huge chest and he goes back to work. Trey turns south towards the bulge that MattA has created in his pants and starts to wiggle his cock. Trey decides that it's been too long and unties MattA's pants. He then begins to treat the swollen part of his cock. After he takes the dick in his mouth, he finally has his chance to rub his tongue on MattA's smooth balls. As he gulps the dick down his throat, he turns to Matt and asks for his approval. Matt holds onto his head while he helps him bob his meat. Trey stretches his thick throat with ease, and they soon find themselves making out while they rub their cocks together. Trey gets down on his knees to enjoy more MattA's dick. Matthew starts to feel out of place as he begins his turn at the bat. Trey watches in dismay as Matt suckers on his cock, gulping down every bit of food heA's been given. Trey's rock-hard attitude is not going to change anytime soon. The situation changes dramatically when Matt allows Trey to have his ass. Trey gets Matt wet his ass. Matt is enthralled and wants to try TreyA’s sex. He sticks his tongue in TreyA’s underbelly and displays all of his skills. TreyA is backing MatthewA up as he teases the hole. Matt pushes the dick in and gets back behind TreyA once itA's all nice and smooth. TreyA slowly surrenders to his doggy ways and he fucks Trey. Matt gets his sweet ass into Trey's cock and then he flips it and makes Trey sit on the cock. Trey agrees, finally getting the dick that he's been wanting for so long. He then starts riding it. Matt bounces Matt on the cock as he squirms, grinds his hot ass down. Trey is hard on Matt's back, making him grunt and growl. Next, Missionary comes along as Matt puts Trey on his stomach to get him more fucked. Trey moans as his ass is stretched. As Missionary does it every time, Trey begins to lose his weight and Matt presses him harder. Trey follows Matt's lead and he shoots his loads all over Matt.

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