Vic Rocco Oral Passionate Couple

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Date: May 02, 2014 is happy to be the 1st to gift Porn Legend Jon Galt and his lifetime partner Vic Rocco in their initial return to pornography performance. These two men will be the epitome of what a Top Performance Person is about! Masculine, Confident and sexy as Hell! The two embrace in a kiss as their palms explore each others lifestyles that are hard. As each explores the other with his tongue their tank-tops are off showing their physiques. They bury their tongues into every other ripe arm pits which intensifies their desire for one another. Their jeans are down across their knees and their cocks are trying to break free from the confines of their jock-straps. Jon is the very first on his knees as he does his best to take Vics all enormously long and thick cock down his throat. Vic returns the favor by deep throating each inch of Jons cock. Jon bends over and drives his tongue deep. Jon begs for more as Vic begins to finger his hole deep and hard. He then spins around Jon and sucks on his cock some more getting him worked up before fucking him. The two then grind against each other as they stroke each other and spit each others cocks. Vic pushes his huge cock deep and bends Jon over. In the beginning that the rhythm is slow and steady and he then drives his cock deeper and harder as Jon begs for longer. Next Jon is laid out on his back since Vic pounds his hole long and heavy. Unable to hold back any more, Jon shoots a load all over his stomach since Vic bends over and licks the last few drips of cum which is currently inducing Jon to glow in laughter and joy as he is very sensitive. Jon subsequently drops to his knees since Vic shoots a creamy load all then Jon sucks out the last remaining drops of Vics cum.

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